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As I continue to master Camtasia Studio, I will also continue to provide answers to the most the frequently asked questions.

Have you ever tried importing a video in Camtasia Studio and then it produces an error message which says, “Error: No codec available to render this file”?

Well, there are five possible causes and I have provided for you solutions for each scenario.

1. Importing MP4 file

One known cause is because of the DirectShow Filters installed on your computer.

Please use the following diagnostic tool to provide us with the information needed to resolve this problem:

Download this program called Graph Edit.

After the download and installation, do the following:

– Run Graphic Edit

– Click on File

– Click on Render Media File

– Choose the MP4 file that’s getting the problem

– No Error: It says, graph could not be created.

– Error: It creates a graph which shows the filter that’s causing the problem.

– Submit graph by taking a screenshot of it and send it to the Support Team, together with diagnostics, which can be produced by clicking on Help > Support > Save to File.

2. The codec that the video is compressed with is either not installed or its installation has become corrupted.

To solve this, you can re/install the codec by running the TSCC file. It is located in the folder where the Camtasia Studio is installed in.


3. The components of DirectShow is not properly registered.

Register qedit.dll and quartz.dll, to do so, follow the instructions below:

► qedit.dll

– Click Start button

– Click Run

– Paste this commands into the Run box:

regsvr32 “%windir%\system32\qedit.dll

– Click OK

► quartz.dll

– Click Start button

– Click Run

– Paste this commands into the Run box:

regsvr32 “%windir%\system32\quartz.dll”

– Click OK

4. On versions 4 and 5, A DirectShow filter is interfering with the recorded file.

Try to disable the recording preview so that you can see if the recording works properly.

To disable the recording preview.

Alternatively you may request an upgrade to Camtasia Studio 6.0.
5. Extracting the AVI from the CAMREC

To extract the AVI correctly , follow these instructions:

– Browse to the CAMREC file saved on your computer

– Right-click on it

– choose Extract, this will extract the AVI from the CAMREC

– Play the AVI in the Camtasia Studio

– If it won’t play in Camtasia Studio, then try playing it using Windows Media Player.

– If still, it won’t work in Windows Media Player, it could be corrupted.

– Record a new one and follow the solution provided in method 3.

That’s all there is to it, hope you find this useful .

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