Overall Impression

My overall impression is that Camtasia 9 really is a game-changer when creating video presentations, elearning videos etc. Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to test Camtasia 9 when creating new animated resources for our premium Camtasia resource site, Callouts.com.

I have been able to crank out videos of a much higher quality than before and much faster. The ability to edit directly on the canvas (video window) and the new behaviors really helps when editing videos. In the past my video creation workflow has often included PowerPoint, but now I feel I can create a whole lot more directly in Camtasia, without the need to go back and forth between these two apps.

A Few Examples

You can see some examples of the videos I have been able to create in just a few minutes here. These are also the bonus product we have put together when you upgrade Camtasia on SoftwareCasa.

Please note that I created these videos in a very short time, but the animations you see was created as templates beforehand, creating templates like for example the Kinetic Typography is a more involved process. We offer 60 of these templates as an add-on bonus when you upgrade.

See all the videos that are available as an add-on when upgrading Camtasia here

New Features

Faster – the new 64 bit engine makes editing and rendering much faster and more stable.

Fluent workflow – Frankly, editing text in Camtasia 8 had room for improvement. In version 9 the editing has been moved from the small text window on the left to editing right on the Canvas (video play window). For me personally this has made a big difference. Now I’m able to see and change everything instantly, instead of scrolling back and forth to change the text.


Behaviors – The new behaviors, is working like a pre-made animation with an in-during-out effect. These can be dropped on any Callouts, image, video or text to apply the animation. You can apply several of these, and you can combine them with your own animations. drag-dropbehaviours


Price – Camtasia 9 has been made much more affordable (PC version). The full version is now priced at $199 ($197 on SoftwareCasa) and the upgrade $99. SoftwareCasa also has a special upgrade add-on offer with 60 new templates available here.

4K – You are now able to import, record and edit in 4K.


Mac / PC Cross Platform Project Sharing – Project files format are now shared between the Mac and PC version, which means you can open a PC project in Camtasia Mac and vice versa.

Quizzing in Camtasia Mac – This was a PC only feature earlier, but has not been added to the Mac version as well

New fresh content – There has also been new content added to the libray.

These new features, in combination makes for a whole new level of experience when creating videos. If you are serious about creating presentations, e-learning, company education etc. then this new version will become your number one tool.


Author: Peter Gillberg Peter creates resources for Camtasia and Snagit and runs Callouts.com Premium Presentation Resources and SoftwareCasa software store.
Camtasia 9 for PC and 3 for Mac has just been released and I wanted to highlight a few of the new great features in this release.