If you think, your Camtasia Studio 5 is the best thing you’ve ever got, then you’re wrong. A few months back Techsmith launched its newest version, Camtasia Studio 6.0. With exciting new features added, you’d absolutely want to get your hands on it.

I would have written about it earlier, but I was just too busy building the worlds best software store! Now I hopefully have some more time on my hands trying out all the cool new features.

Some features that you should take a deeper look at:

Unlink audio and video tracks
This feature allows you to decouple the video and audio track, these tracks can then be locked edited independently of each other.

Customizable Hotkeys
7 additional hotkeys with which you can customize for you to save time in editing.

Production Presets
You can configure as to how you want your work to be shared and the dimensions to use. The options are Web, Blog, CD, DVD-Ready, HD, iPhone, iPod, Screencast.com, and Youtube.

Preview Window
Here’s what I think is cool, with the preset configured, a window will show the preview of how the video will look with the chosen dimensions. You can also see a preview of your work while and after editing.

Perspective Tilt
On the Zoom and Pan window, you can zoom one  side of the video into different perspective. It’s as if looking on a flat screen on different angle you prefer for your audience.

Upload to Screencast.com
If you have a screencast account, you can upload your video to Screencast.com by signing in. With a free storage space and monthly bandwidth of 2gb for Free accounts that you can absolutely take advantage of.

Camtasia Studio 6.0 will fill you appetite for smart video recording, editing and sharing.

Go here to read more about Camtasia 6.0 and if you’re already a proud owner check out: Upgrade Camtasia

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Camtasia Guide