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Great article on MOZ on how to create a winning video for your brand.

10 steps summary:

  1. Identify the right content
  2. Complete a creative brief
  3. Find the right expert
  4. Write a script
  5. Pick the best location
  6. Select a camera and lens
  7. Assemble a lighting package
  8. Don’t forget sound
  9. Bring the energy
  10. Edit the footage

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Pat Flynn, runs a great blog called Smart Passive Income. A while back he posted a great video about how to create an awesome slidedeck for your presentation with lots of useful tips.

Check it out here

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We all know that Camtasia is a flexible screencasting tool that allows us to create professional and compelling screencasting contents.

Many users of Camtasia is longing for the possibility to record iPads and iPhones.

I came across this great video by techsavyed in my quest for a solution . Please note that the recording takes place on your desktop or laptop computer, not directly on the iPad, but rather the mirrored image of the iPad on your computer. I have detailed the steps to set this up here.


Here’s what you need to record your iPad

How to Record iPad

1. Run the Reflector App and go to the Air Play options.

2. Turn on the mirroring and see the iPad on your desktop.

3. Go to Device menu>Enter full screen. (To eliminate all the distracting files in your background).

4. Exit the full screen.

5. Go to the Camtasia for Mac Recording Menu.

6. Select a recording region that is very similar to the size of your iPad. (In the video, it’s the YouTube HD 720p option.)

7. Turn on system audio to capture the sound coming from your iPad. This will make your screencast easy to understand especially for the hearing challenged.

8. Click the record button. Adjust the recording window.

9. Demo any app on iPad with audio so your users can have the best experience with quality audio and video.

You’re done!

Here’s a video explaining the steps.

Additional Tips

  • Use Camtasia Cursor effects to make it look like you are manipulating your iPad using a mouse and not the touch option that may not work well using an air play screen.
  • Use your computer’s mouse or crack pad for pointing out important features of the iPad app you want to demo.

There you have the easy steps on how to use your iPad in screencasting using Camtasia for Mac and Windows. Have you tried it before? Share your experience.

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The Tech Savvy Educator Youtube channel

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InfoWhat does it entail to get good screencasting? Many will tell you that there are a lot of factors that will determine whether your screencasting is a success or a failure. Here are some of the tips pertaining to the most important points that your screencast should contain.

10 Tips to Outstanding Screencasting for Both Newbies and Pros

  1. Plan what goes in your content. This will guide and show what is relevant and must be covered in the screencast project.
  2. Know your tools to get the most out of them. This is easy in Camtasia as it comes with a preloaded sample project that you can practice on to get a better hang on how to record and edit your videos
  3. Filmography. Make sure that what you are capturing on video really does matter in the presentation. Try Camtasia Recorder to automate the recording process of key frames. This will also be helpful when you  share your videos to users of different devices.
  4. Audio. Be sure to make the audio loud enough for your audience to hear and clear enough for them to comprehend. With Camtasia Editor, you can adjust the volume in case the audio is too loud or low then removed white noise and stutters.
  5. Test both video and audio. Consider practicing in advance to gain better video and audio quality that works for your project.


6. Collaborate. When working with a team, consider exporting your Camtasia Project in a zip file so other members of the team can contribute to the project even when using a different PC. With Camtasia, you can also create an early demo to show with your members then check if it is appropriate for the topic.

7. Record the screen you need. Close unnecessary windows and apps to keep the desktop uncluttered. Make sure to get high resolution captures using the Camtasia Recorder then insert some animation, highlights, or effects for further emphasis using the Camtasia Editor.

8. Special effects. Use them, but keep it to a minimum. Use these only when needed so the video can be enhanced. With Camtasia Editor, you can cut out the sections where nothing happens then add simple but appealing transitions like Cube rotate or Fade to Black.

9. Edit carefully. From basic to complex editing, you can make your screencast appear more professional. Do not forget to edit the dimensions in Camtasia Editor so the final video can be best seen by users in the different devices that they will use.

10.  Share. This is easy on Camtasia Editor as you will just make the video shareable by hitting on the Produce and Share button. When it is good to go, you can use Camtasia to share via Youtube or Screencast. You can also email, tweet, blog, or post in Facebook depending on your choice.

Screen-globeThese ten tips are just the beginning of how Camtasia can help make the content more understandable. These will showcase what you want to share with them so points are clearly communicated. Be the master of screencasting by familiarizing yourself with these basic points and tips when you use Camtasia.

Computer MediaAre you thinking of ways on how you can leave a lasting impression on your audience? If this is your goal, you need to make sure that you will shine in your presentation. One way of doing this is using Camtasia to the fullest so you can engage your audience and make them interested in knowing more about your presentation.

Engaging Your Audience With Camtasia

  • Catch the attention of your audience by including screen recordings. Instead of just adding still images, consider capturing in a record the examples that you will be using for the presentation. With Camtasia, you can now record the screen showing software demos and slides or you can personalize by importing camera videos, photos, and music.
  • Make your videos appear professional. Impress your audience by showing them high quality screen recordings using Camtasia. Take full advantage of the powerful but user friendly Camtasia video editor. You can tweak by adding callouts, graphics, and built-in themes to make the videos more appealing.
  • Intrigue your audience with captivating visual effects. Use Camtasia to incorporate cursor effects to make your audience curious about your presentation. Try adding some video transitions so your viewers remain hooked all throughout.

A $300 manila envelope

  • Liven up your presentation. You can also liven up your presentation by integrating animated backgrounds through Camtasia. Presentation content can also be animated by making pictures bounce, letting the call outs fly, or even tilt, resize, and rotate the data. Include some pre-installed music drags by simply dragging and dropping so they will be more engaged.
  • Include your audience in the presentation. Instead of just having your audience listen to you, include them in an interactive presentation. You can use Camtasia to prepare interactive videos where your listeners can access clickable links and other interactive features.
  • Avoid any auditory distractions in your videos. Use Camtasia to remove background noise so the audience can easily hear what is being conveyed in the video you included.
  • Keep your videos short but comprehensive. Do not forget to use Clip Speed so you can keep your videos in the perfect length that will not be  boring or lacking for the audience.
  • Give your listeners access to your videos. Make a difference from other presenters by sharing your videos to the listeners so they can re-watch your presentation even when on the go. Camtasia provides you with a Save-Share-Send option where your output can be easily sent to Youtube or at Retrieve the hyperlink and the embed code so you can share via emails, blogs, tweets, and other avenues.


With the help of Camtasia, your audience will be far from bored or feeling sleepy. You can engage them to achieve more participation and better results with Camtasia. On your next presentation, try out some of these tips and see the difference that Camtasia can make to help you shine and stood out from the rest.

demo2Hello Camtasia users! Today’s tutorial is about changing the screencast background from black to white or any other color for that matter 😉

Camtasia Studio’s default setting is with a black background setting, but if you for example want a white background in your video instead, follow these 2 simple  steps.

Normally you access the different video settings in the menu row located above the timelines as shown in this image.



But the Background color setting is actually not controlled from this menu. Instead you find it above your video preview window. Click on the Editing Dimensions to open them and at the bottom of that screen you find the Background color.


It’s not difficult, when you know where this setting is located.

I hope that you enjoyed this short tutorial. Let me know other topics you want to cover in this blog.

Feel free to post your comments below.

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Computer MediaHello Camtasia Lovers! I know that many of us are a great Super Bowl fans and that we’re all excited for its kickoff on February 3, 2013, Sunday in New Orleans.

Which team do you go for—the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?

I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic match and that we’re all excited. Before we cheer for our favorite team, let’s kick off the celebration  with a video that I particularly made for this event. I did it using and Camtasia 8.

Using, I downloaded many resources I used in creating this video. As members of the site, we can all have access to quality graphics, animations, and so much more.

Make your video using our resources at Callouts and Camtasia 8 to show support to your team. Cheer for them and share your Super Bowl video masterpiece to the world.

Upload the video on your blog, website, or social media page like Facebook or YouTube.


Visit the Superbowl Inspirational Clips.

Create your very own video clips using Callouts and Camtasia 8.

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What are the benefits of video marketing using Camtasia?

With the fierce and tough competition you’re facing as an e-commerce business owner, where are your marketing techniques taking you? You might have tried various tactics such as article writing, blog posting, forum commenting, social media sharing, and other techniques which could help you in reaching out and extending your exposure to your customers.

However, having all these things done didn’t bring you your expected results in marketing. Adding some fuel to the fire, you could have spent a considerable amount of money on these methods, not mentioning all the other tactics you have used such as promotions and discount offers to your customers.

Change Your Game… Play Better With Videos

Add videos in marketing your products and services. You shouldn’t think twice in making more dynamic and livelier contents that your users can easily see. Video marketing is in!

“Why Should I Believe You?”

Well, there are certain benefits you can get from video marketing on YouTube and those are what I’m going to show you in the next section. If you’re ready, let’s proceed.


Videos are more compelling since they are more entertaining than text. People are more likely to watch videos than read an article. If you need proof, well, take YouTube for example. There are more than millions of people visiting the platform daily to watch videos than to read an article.


If I were shopping for something but don’t have the time to spare to read your promotional articles, reviews, and blogs, I might as well just click on a video and just watch and listen to the video. I can spend half the time than I would normally spend reading text.


You can create your very own videos at a very cheap price. You can simply capture your screens and edit it straight to your computer through Camtasia. It’s the all-in-one computer app that you can depend on for screencasting, sharing, and editing. It won’t cost you much to make your video presentations, tutorials, or any marketing video that you wish your users to see.

Social Media Sharing

YouTube, undoubtedly, is the best platform for uploading and sharing videos to your users, who can possibly share, like, and subscribe to your video channel. It’s the best way to expose your business to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. When it comes to better social media marketing, you can depend on the amazing results of video marketing.

Search Engine Results Building

Using YouTube, as a video platform, can help you in many ways and one of which is your increased traffic. Since there are millions of viewers that can click on your link, you are sure to get better search results. Think about ‘sales’ coming up next…..

Sales Increased

With so much traffic you could possibly get from your YouTube videos, there is nothing more you can expect but better sales for your e-commerce business. Because there are more people to visit your website, they can have the chance to see your product and service offers.

Check out Camtasia… Your Main Tool to Reap All the Benefits of Video Marketing

If you don’t have Camtasia yet, then you might as well check it out to see how you can create outstanding videos right in your own home. When it comes to cost-cutting, video marketing is your best option. But, of course, you cannot do that without the help of this powerful and all-inclusive app for video creation and sharing.

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Read2Hello Friends! Lately, I’ve received a ton of emails from our Camtasia software users. So, today, I tried my best to answer some of your most common questions.

Where Is My Software Key?

If you bought your software from TechSmith itself, then you should find your software key in your email receipt. You can find it in the order details portion of the receipt.

Where Is the Software Key Location?

For the Camtasia v3.1.1 or latest versions, you should find the software key on the sticker. You can also see that on the CD sleeve. Otherwise, you can find it under your CD in the case.

*If you have your software CD of the earlier version of Camtasia, then the software key should be generated upon your installation. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to find the key from your box or the CD sleeve.

What If I Would Like A Web Key Search?

There is a key lookup tool that you can find on the TechSmith website you should, however, use the same email when you bought the software.

How About in the Software Product Itself?

You can also find the software key in your product itself, if and only if, you have inputted your key correctly.

How Can I Lookup for the Key in My Windows OS?

You can find the key using these steps:

1.    Go to help.

2.    Click on the technical support button.

*However, you can sometimes have a hard time to look for the key. Having that said, you should be saving your key in a text file like a word pad or a notepad. It will help you locate your key if you would save it correctly.

We’re going to feature more frequently asked questions here soon. So, don’t miss out. Always check us for updates. Do you think we miss out something in this tutorial? Please feel free to submit your questions below, and we’ll compile them for the next series of frequently asked questions post.

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Read2Are you a new filmmaker pursuing to record your very own amazing video?…Are you are a student looking to present a topic better using a video to achieve excellent grades?…Are you a trainer like a yoga instructor, fitness instructor, meditation expert, or volleyball coach looking to help your students learn better using videos?…

Whatever category you fit in, you might as well want to check out a screen recording, editing, and capturing app that will let you create your very own home or professional videos—Camtasia.

Coming with its very easy-to-use interface, you can easily record or capture your screen without any hassles at all if you would use Camtasia. Alright, I’ll give you a brief overview on how it can work for you.

  1. Record your screen to record your demos, presentations, website pages, and so many more.
  2. Edit your product from your computer using the tools working to splice, cut, or combine video clips using the very powerful yet very friendly editor.
  3. Grab or import any effects you wish to include in your very own video masterpiece. Add music, photos, graphics, and so much more. They can all enhance your screen recordings.
  4. Personalize all your screen captures or records with some built-in animated backgrounds, media themes, and callouts, among others.
  5. Include your search, links, and table of contents, whichever you want to in making a better and more professional presentation or video.
  6. Share your masterpiece. Isn’t it great to educate people using your training videos if you’re an instructor or a teacher? Wouldn’t that be nice if you would get high grades for a unique presentation in class? And, wouldn’t it be so wonderful to get your first ever movie break by creating a polished video to send movie producers or any authority who could hire you to create a film?

Camtasia is indeed an all-in-one tool you will need in your screencasting. If you would like to achieve the best results and amaze everyone to watch your video, then check out this complete app package that can make your masterpieces more alive and more fun to watch.

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