Camtasia 9 Coming Soon


Yesterday there was a big announcement. Camtasia version 9 will be released in October.

In connection with the launch we’ll offer a special Camtasia 9 bonus. Click the button to get notified about the new version and bonus.

Camtasia 9 Coming Soon!


Great article on MOZ on how to create a winning video for your brand.

10 steps summary:

  1. Identify the right content
  2. Complete a creative brief
  3. Find the right expert
  4. Write a script
  5. Pick the best location
  6. Select a camera and lens
  7. Assemble a lighting package
  8. Don’t forget sound
  9. Bring the energy
  10. Edit the footage

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Pat Flynn, runs a great blog called Smart Passive Income. A while back he posted a great video about how to create an awesome slidedeck for your presentation with lots of useful tips.

Check it out here

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Now Loop on YouTube


YouTube has just added a new option called ‘Loop’ that enables you to auto-replay your favorite Camtasia videos and YouTube videos without any hassles. You can keep playing them on the background while working or when trying to transcribe from audio to text.

Now that you have the chance to loop YouTube videos, you can keep on listening to any of your uploaded Camtasia screen recordings and narrations if in case you’re planning to update it soon with more information, let’s say. You can also watch or listen to any viral hits repeatedly without manually replaying the video.

There are just many things you can do now that YouTube lets you auto-replay videos. This time around, you do not need to use any third-party applications just to do it.

How to Loop a Video on YouTube

  1. Right click on the video.
  2. Click on the “Loop” option.
  3. You’re done! The video will auto-replay and nothing else is needed on your part.

The looping option works on any site where the YouTube video is, whether on the site itself or in any other sites. The only downside is that this function only works for desktops, not yet on mobile devices, as of this writing.

free camtasia animations

Hello Camtasia fans and users!

We’re excited to announce this great news. At you’ll find a new collection of free resources, which are ideal for making more professional-looking presentations for personal or business use.

Improve the visual appeal of your videos and make them more compelling with this perfect collection of free Camtasia animations from!

What’s in the project files?

  • 10 ready to use animations or texts for Camtasia Studio
  • A PDF for the various resources together with tips in editing these resources

They are versatile and easy to work with. You can change fonts, texts, sizes, duration, colors and speeds. You can also customize animations and change timings in order to match a file with your current project. These files can also work on almost all backgrounds and let you add extra text holders through ‘copying and pasting’ on your Camtasia timeline.

Download Free Camtasia Animations here

CamtasiaVimeoVimeo integration is here!

We’re excited to announce Vimeo as a preferred partner in Camtasia video hosting and analytics.

Easily upload your videos straight to Vimeo from within Camtasia Studio (PC only). By directly sending your videos to Vimeo, you’ll ensure that your videos always look their best.

If you are a current Camtasia Studio 8 customer, this update is free for you! Update in product by following these steps: Open Camtasia, Go to Help > Check for updates.

If you don’t have version 8 yet, upgrade Camtasia to version 8 here

2015-09-01_17-51-48A new Camtasia update was just released, current Camtasia version (PC) is 8.6.

If you are a current Camtasia Studio 8 customer, this update is free for you! Update in product by following these steps: Open Camtasia, Go to Help > Check for updates.

If you don’t have version 8 yet, upgrade Camtasia to version 8 here

Here are a few of the new additions and bug fixes.

  • Added Vimeo production preset
  • Added support for 24-bit and 32-bit audio decoding
  • Fixed issue related to AVCHD
  • Added capability to extract media streams from TREC recordings
  • Improvements and bug fixes for the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Fixed some scenarios that resulted in a crash on start-up
  • Bug fixes for YouTube and Google Drive outputs
  • Other minor bugs fixes

Camtasia Studio 8.5 made no system requirement changes but some updates to improve its performance and your productivity. Now, you can sign into your product account and on the website. You can also make use of your OneDrive for Business and find it in my Places, as this version enabled integration, import and export from the OneDrive tool. For better use, this version also resolved bug issues.

Get Camtasia Studio PC 8.5 today!

media3Hi Camtasia friends! Now our favorite screen recording tool has got even better. You can get support on the site and on your product account sign in page. This minor release now comes with integration with your OneDrive for Business, allowing you to export and import your files faster! Finally, fewer bugs can be expected as TechSmith resolved issues encountered in the previous versions.

Camtasia Studio, the perfect device for your editing and screen recording needs now comes out with a new and improved version 8.4.4. Camtasia Studio is a live screen recorder that allows you to customize, edit, beautify, capture and create video publications, demonstrations and all that you need to it to be.

The Camtasia, (also available for Mac OS) has developed superior software that allows you to exhibit your creative skills without going through a rough and hard time. Why, you ask? Camtasia Studio is very easy and convenient to use, just click and command and you have a top notch, professional looking video in your hands.

You don’t have to invest yourself in taking expensive classes to learn complicated editing, all you have to do is to learn the basics and you’re all set. That’s what Camtasia Studio offers you, great screencasts and a very comprehensive Studio Editor to facilitate your needs.

And because the makers of Camtasia listen to you, they have released a new version of the software that has addressed previous problems, wishes, needs of consumers, and with that, they have also upgraded the software to serve you better and more efficiently.

They have added and fixed a number of things into the new Camtasia Studio version 8.4.4 and they definitely work to serve you, here are a few of things you should watch out for in the version 8.4.4:

  • You can now turn tracks off in between the projects
  • Can now support AVCHD files (if CODECS are installed)
  • Can now playback music in the mp4 player at variable speeds
  • Can now import .m4a files
  • Can now give you the choice to log in Google drive and YouTube at the same time
  • Added new mp4 production presets for 1080 profiles
  • You have the choice to turn recorder pauses into stick points
  • Added an option to ‘mix in mono’ for the sound and audio background editing
  • Has a new and improved TechSmith player
  • You now have the option to add the table of contents in the YouTube video description
  • Has updated to work with the new YouTube API; a system advance
  • You can now view your work in a timeline context to facilitate better editing
  • Fixed a number of bugs and crash causes

Update History from 8.4.0 to 8.4.3

Camtasia Studio v8.4.3 (August 19, 2014)

  • Resolved a bug happening wherein the cursor would move in a slow motion over an extended, unstitched frame
  • Resolved a bug wherein the recorder’s window for preview could crash when recording stopped
  • Resolved a bug showing Fuse images rotating incorrectly, on a Samsung phone
  • Resolved a bug wherein changing the Windows DPI could result to errors in recording
  • Resolved a bug wherein Fuse video containing pause points couldn’t be stitched after unstitching
  • Resolved a bug happening wherein the cursor isn’t displaying over an extended timeframe in an .camproj from early Camtasia Studio 8 versions

Camtasia Studio v8.4.2 (July 22, 2014)

  • Noise removal due to echo
  • Resolved the problem of crashing in the Camtasia Studio when memory leak in the timeline occurred
  • Resolve the problem of recording PowerPoint option in the jump list of Windows that wouldn’t display proper icon
  • Resolved the bug wherein the timeline playback could pause or hang on some MP4 files that contain higher bitrates.
  • Resolved the bug causing recorder to fail opening after upgrading to version 8.4
  • Resolved a bug wherein some .wmv files could cause production hang
  • Added Fuse media support
  • Resolved the bug happening where several .CAMREC files wouldn’t open using Camtasia 8.4
  • Added MP4 production profile presetting for coming up with a 1080p video

(FULL Updates List of 8.4.2)

Camtasia Studio v8.4.1 (June 24, 2014)

  • Migrated with YouTube API’s new version
  • Ability to login once for Google Drive and YouTube
  • Included a table of contents in the YT video description through project markers
  • Ability to import files in the .m4a
  • Resolved a bug that happened where producing a SCORM video used to display an ERROR MESSAGE

(FULL Updates List of 8.4.1)

Camtasia Studio version 8.4.4, offers a new variety of work styles that fit you and your thoughts. Make your work standout, not just in content but in execution. Camtasia offers you all that and more. Use it on any computer, the software is now interchangeable between Windows and Mac OS.

Get Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 today, or upgrade here!