Camtasia Studio 8.5 made no system requirement changes but some updates to improve its performance and your productivity. Now, you can sign into your product account and on the website. You can also make use of your OneDrive for Business and find it in my Places, as this version enabled integration, import and export from the OneDrive tool. For better use, this version also resolved bug issues.

Get Camtasia Studio PC 8.5 today!

media3Hi Camtasia friends! Now our favorite screen recording tool has got even better. You can get support on the site and on your product account sign in page. This minor release now comes with integration with your OneDrive for Business, allowing you to export and import your files faster! Finally, fewer bugs can be expected as TechSmith resolved issues encountered in the previous versions.

Camtasia Studio, the perfect device for your editing and screen recording needs now comes out with a new and improved version 8.4.4. Camtasia Studio is a live screen recorder that allows you to customize, edit, beautify, capture and create video publications, demonstrations and all that you need to it to be.

The Camtasia, (also available for Mac OS) has developed superior software that allows you to exhibit your creative skills without going through a rough and hard time. Why, you ask? Camtasia Studio is very easy and convenient to use, just click and command and you have a top notch, professional looking video in your hands.

You don’t have to invest yourself in taking expensive classes to learn complicated editing, all you have to do is to learn the basics and you’re all set. That’s what Camtasia Studio offers you, great screencasts and a very comprehensive Studio Editor to facilitate your needs.

And because the makers of Camtasia listen to you, they have released a new version of the software that has addressed previous problems, wishes, needs of consumers, and with that, they have also upgraded the software to serve you better and more efficiently.

They have added and fixed a number of things into the new Camtasia Studio version 8.4.4 and they definitely work to serve you, here are a few of things you should watch out for in the version 8.4.4:

  • You can now turn tracks off in between the projects
  • Can now support AVCHD files (if CODECS are installed)
  • Can now playback music in the mp4 player at variable speeds
  • Can now import .m4a files
  • Can now give you the choice to log in Google drive and YouTube at the same time
  • Added new mp4 production presets for 1080 profiles
  • You have the choice to turn recorder pauses into stick points
  • Added an option to ‘mix in mono’ for the sound and audio background editing
  • Has a new and improved TechSmith player
  • You now have the option to add the table of contents in the YouTube video description
  • Has updated to work with the new YouTube API; a system advance
  • You can now view your work in a timeline context to facilitate better editing
  • Fixed a number of bugs and crash causes

Update History from 8.4.0 to 8.4.3

Camtasia Studio v8.4.3 (August 19, 2014)

  • Resolved a bug happening wherein the cursor would move in a slow motion over an extended, unstitched frame
  • Resolved a bug wherein the recorder’s window for preview could crash when recording stopped
  • Resolved a bug showing Fuse images rotating incorrectly, on a Samsung phone
  • Resolved a bug wherein changing the Windows DPI could result to errors in recording
  • Resolved a bug wherein Fuse video containing pause points couldn’t be stitched after unstitching
  • Resolved a bug happening wherein the cursor isn’t displaying over an extended timeframe in an .camproj from early Camtasia Studio 8 versions

Camtasia Studio v8.4.2 (July 22, 2014)

  • Noise removal due to echo
  • Resolved the problem of crashing in the Camtasia Studio when memory leak in the timeline occurred
  • Resolve the problem of recording PowerPoint option in the jump list of Windows that wouldn’t display proper icon
  • Resolved the bug wherein the timeline playback could pause or hang on some MP4 files that contain higher bitrates.
  • Resolved the bug causing recorder to fail opening after upgrading to version 8.4
  • Resolved a bug wherein some .wmv files could cause production hang
  • Added Fuse media support
  • Resolved the bug happening where several .CAMREC files wouldn’t open using Camtasia 8.4
  • Added MP4 production profile presetting for coming up with a 1080p video

(FULL Updates List of 8.4.2)

Camtasia Studio v8.4.1 (June 24, 2014)

  • Migrated with YouTube API’s new version
  • Ability to login once for Google Drive and YouTube
  • Included a table of contents in the YT video description through project markers
  • Ability to import files in the .m4a
  • Resolved a bug that happened where producing a SCORM video used to display an ERROR MESSAGE

(FULL Updates List of 8.4.1)

Camtasia Studio version 8.4.4, offers a new variety of work styles that fit you and your thoughts. Make your work standout, not just in content but in execution. Camtasia offers you all that and more. Use it on any computer, the software is now interchangeable between Windows and Mac OS.

Get Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 today, or upgrade here!

Known as an on-screen recorder that allows you to edit, customize, produce and make videos that look professional and great without being a seasoned pro, Camtasia is now updated to its 2.9 version! This update gives you a better way of displaying your creativity and talent, making your work stand out and being the one that makes it differently.

Camtasia for Mac has released two major versions with and minor ones with revisions to address the users’ demands and needs. Each version has new additions that make your work better and can make your work better. So what does Camtasia for Mac 2.9 have now as opposed to those before?


Here are a few updates

  • Has become a 64-bit app
  • An addition of .gif exports and gesture effects
  • Could now convert unsupported file formats that were used in past projects
  • Fixed crashes that may occur in renaming the project, pausing the recording and exporting while using maximum canvass dimensions
  • Improved TechSmith Smart Player
  • Fixed minor bugs that may give the user problems
  • Can now record from iOS/smart phone devices
  • Now has tips and tricks to help you with your work
  • You can now export a selected region from the stretched region of the timeline

Updates History

Camtasia for Mac 2.9.2 (January 13, 2015)

  • Fixed a bug that happens when unplugging microphones and USB headsets

Camtasia for Mac 2.9.1 (November 18, 2014)

  • Bug fixes

Camtasia for Mac 2.9.0 (November 5, 2014)

  • Now a 64-bit app
  • Recording iOs devices
  • Tips and tricks area
  • Enhanced Smart Player
  • Fixed a crash occurring in renaming media, when recording or pausing and when exporting using the max canvas dimensions
  • Added ability for GIF exporting, gesture effects
  • Converting of unsupported file formats
  • Exporting a selected timeline region
  • Other bug fixes

Camtasia for Mac, indeed, offers an easy interface and set of functions, even for novice users like you, without experiencing difficulty. It allows you to capture all and every movement on your screen with its very powerful and efficient screen capturing technology, and it’s more than just a software that records your screen movement, but you can also edit and import external recordings such as music, camera recordings photos etc. In fact it is convenient to its users that it can accommodate high definition videos without lowering its quality.

Be able to create dynamic and interactive videos that you can use for all purposes and share it with your friends or practically anyone who wants to see it. Start from scratch or make your own video using the pre-installed materials like the themes, animated videos, graphics etc.

With all these added upgrades and an excellent user system, who could say no to Camtasia for Mac 2.9? Share your work and be excellent at it and this mac screen recorder can help you with that and more! Camtasia version 2.9 is out now and don’t be the last one to get it.

Get  Camtasia for Mac 2.9 today!

Just writing this quick message to let you know that new minor versions has been released for Camtasia Studio on PC, new version 8.3 and Camtasia for Mac, new version 2.7. You find instructions on how to access these below. Both Camtasia 2.7 for Mac and Camtasia Studio 8.3 PC was just released a couple of days ago.

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If you join before February 24th Callouts will make you your own custom made lower third according to your specifications. You can even send in your own photo or logo and they’ll create it for you.

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New Camtasia Studio 8.3 for PC

Camtasia 8.3 (PC) was just released a few days ago. If you hold an older license (Camtasia 7 or older) you can upgrade to Camtasia 8.3 here. If you are unsure if you are eligible to a no-cost upgrade, verify what Camtasia Studio version you own here.

New in the last releases:

Camtasia Studio v8.3.0 Minor Release


  • Made improvements to the Relay plugin
  • Updated TSCC codec to fix a crash bug when accessing corrupt input
  • Fixed a bug where the playhead advances but the video frame doesn’t change
  • Fixed a bug where transitions are treated as audio media and can cause attenuation in project audio
  • Fixed a bug where indented callout text didn’t show as indented in the preview window
  • Fixed a bug where MOVs could break project upgrading

Camtasia Studio v8.2.1 Maintenance Release


  • Fixed a memory leak for media files on the timeline that was leading to high memory use and instability
  • Fixed a crash when double clicking a media while it is transferring from the Fuse mobile app
  • Fixed a bug where users with a Lectora production preset got stuck in the production preset manager
  • Fixed a bug where temporary files were written to the user’s Windows temporary folder instead of the custom temporary folder location specified inside the editor Tools > Options dialog

Upgrade from Camtasia 7 and older to Camtasia Studio 8.3 PC here. 

New Camtasia 2.7 for Mac

Camtasia 2.7 (Mac) was also released just a few days ago. If you hold an older license (Camtasia Mac 1) you can upgrade to Camtasia 2.7 here. If you are unsure if you are eligible to a no-cost upgrade, verify what Camtasia Mac version you own here.

Here is the version history for the last few releases in case you haven’t kept your software updated:

Camtasia for Mac 2.7.0

  • Made improvements to the Relay plugin
  • Added the ability to crop annotations
  • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Fixed an issue with files imported from Fuse do not have thumbnails
  • Fixed an issue where images are imported sideways from Fuse
  • Fixed a crash when resizing an annotation while pressing Command
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a .cmproj opens an untitled project also
  • Fixed an issue where the playhead does not move on a ripple delete when using the context menu on a selected region
  • Fixed an issue with media scaling while dragging control points
  • Added the ability that when a track is hidden associated markers are also hidden

Camtasia for Mac 2.6.2

  • Fixed a crash when sharing to Camtasia Relay
  • Fixed a hang when the media path contained the characters ‘cmrec’ or ‘trec’ anywhere in the path
  • Fixed a bug where the play head sometimes jumps back to time zero when clicking or dragging it

Camtasia for Mac 2.6.1

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Fuse videos larger than 1GB to fail to transfer
  • Fixed a bug where special characters in file names sent from Fuse were not handled correctly
  • Fixed a bug where deleting media from the bin followed by a save did not delete the media from the project
  • Fixed a bug where after dragging a freeze region effect on the timeline, multiple undo operations were required to undo the drag operation
  • Fixed a bug where dragging two video effects to the timeline required three undo operations to undo the two changes
  • Fixed a bug where a crash would occur when cropping a callout by using the option key while resizing the callout
  • Fixed a bug where an error message would occur when the user double clicks a .cmrec file

Camtasia for Mac 2.6.0

  • Added import of videos and images from Google Drive
  • Added sharing of video to Google Drive
  • Added import of videos and images from mobile devices using TechSmith Fuse for iOS and Android
  • Added Ctrl+Shift modifier to use snapping while trimming a media with the mouse on the timeline
  • Fixed a bug where exporting would continue after the user clicked the cancel button
  • Fixed a bug where you could get into a state where changes to audio actions were not applied
  • Fixed a bug where a volume adjustment could end up inside a visual action leading to a crash
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the playhead drop line would deselect the media behind it, making editing a media near the playhead more difficult.
  • Fixed a bug where the double arrow callout could be clipped when the width is set to 100
  • Fixed a bug where the Update File context menu in the clip bin should have been disabled because selecting it would have no effect.
  • Fixed a bug where copy and paste of an animation could change the interpolator on the animation
  • Fixed a bug where the drop zones don’t draw correctly when dragging an effect to a rotated media on the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug where it took two undo actions to remove a video effect after adding it
  • Fixed a bug where the Mix to mono setting was not saved on a stitched media
  • Fixed a bug where you could not tab between input boxes when adjusting the canvas dimensions

Upgrade from Camtasia 1 Mac  to Camtasia 2.7 Mac here. 

That’s all the news I got for you today. Ideas and suggestions for this blog, please go ahead and comment below.

DSC_0065Halloween’s just around the corner but that won’t be complete without some cute, scary treat to our friends, colleagues, loved ones and users.

Why not use this Callout on top of your Camtasia Halloween videos.  This overlay comes in a PNG transparent file 512×300 px format. Use this overlay on your videos, screencast and any graphic applications.

Download the Happy Halloween Camtasia Callout/Video Overlay free on Facebook today!

Until Next Time, 

Peter, Your Camtasia Guide :)


We all know that Camtasia is a flexible screencasting tool that allows us to create professional and compelling screencasting contents.

Many users of Camtasia is longing for the possibility to record iPads and iPhones.

I came across this great video by techsavyed in my quest for a solution . Please note that the recording takes place on your desktop or laptop computer, not directly on the iPad, but rather the mirrored image of the iPad on your computer. I have detailed the steps to set this up here.


Here’s what you need to record your iPad

How to Record iPad

1. Run the Reflector App and go to the Air Play options.

2. Turn on the mirroring and see the iPad on your desktop.

3. Go to Device menu>Enter full screen. (To eliminate all the distracting files in your background).

4. Exit the full screen.

5. Go to the Camtasia for Mac Recording Menu.

6. Select a recording region that is very similar to the size of your iPad. (In the video, it’s the YouTube HD 720p option.)

7. Turn on system audio to capture the sound coming from your iPad. This will make your screencast easy to understand especially for the hearing challenged.

8. Click the record button. Adjust the recording window.

9. Demo any app on iPad with audio so your users can have the best experience with quality audio and video.

You’re done!

Here’s a video explaining the steps.

Additional Tips

  • Use Camtasia Cursor effects to make it look like you are manipulating your iPad using a mouse and not the touch option that may not work well using an air play screen.
  • Use your computer’s mouse or crack pad for pointing out important features of the iPad app you want to demo.

There you have the easy steps on how to use your iPad in screencasting using Camtasia for Mac and Windows. Have you tried it before? Share your experience.

Get Camtasia for Mac or Camtasia for Windows today!

The Tech Savvy Educator Youtube channel

Until Next Time,

Peter, Your Camtasia Guide :)

CamtasiaforMac-Box-right-200pxOur favorite screen recording tool with streamlined, user-friendly and intuitive features is now even better. Camtasia for Mac V 2.5 makes screen capturing activity easier and more professional; therefore, allowing us to communicate our message visually. If you already have Camtasia for Mac, you can consider upgrading to the latest version.

Additional Features

  • Share history window (with Facebook and Twitter buttons on it)
  • New capture method on versions OS X 10.8 and up
  • User interface and color picker
  • Mix to mono option (Allowing to use both sides of the audio channel, right and left, even if you only set one)
  • Lock track option
  • Turning off the tracks, hiding the visuals and muting the audio ability
  • Linear interpolation
  • Solved the issue that makes images black when they are larger than 5000×5000
  • Enabled range selection using the shift key after mouse down
  • Allowed fine tuning a timeline range selection using the keys “shift + comma + period”
  • Solved the problem that could not open or save corrupted files
  • And more….


Until Next Time, 

Peter, Your Camtasia Guide :)

infographic-voteInfographics has been around for years, but has gained enormous interest online the last few years, as I am sure you have noticed.

Infographics help present complex information quickly and clearly. But it’s not always as easy as to just put together an infographic. To effectively communicate it needs to be professional and clear. There are artists focused on creating infographics for you, but if you don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend you won’t get far.

This is where Callouts come into scene. will create the professional graphic images you need in order to create your own stylish infographics.

But to do this right we need your input. How do you want them to look, what are you going to use them for et cetera. We will develop this set of Infographics together with you, by posting questions on this blog and collecting comments from you.

So please head over to Callouts and vote for your favorite Camtasia Infographic Callouts

Until Next Time, 

Peter, Your Camtasia Guide :)

InfoWhat does it entail to get good screencasting? Many will tell you that there are a lot of factors that will determine whether your screencasting is a success or a failure. Here are some of the tips pertaining to the most important points that your screencast should contain.

10 Tips to Outstanding Screencasting for Both Newbies and Pros

  1. Plan what goes in your content. This will guide and show what is relevant and must be covered in the screencast project.
  2. Know your tools to get the most out of them. This is easy in Camtasia as it comes with a preloaded sample project that you can practice on to get a better hang on how to record and edit your videos
  3. Filmography. Make sure that what you are capturing on video really does matter in the presentation. Try Camtasia Recorder to automate the recording process of key frames. This will also be helpful when you  share your videos to users of different devices.
  4. Audio. Be sure to make the audio loud enough for your audience to hear and clear enough for them to comprehend. With Camtasia Editor, you can adjust the volume in case the audio is too loud or low then removed white noise and stutters.
  5. Test both video and audio. Consider practicing in advance to gain better video and audio quality that works for your project.


6. Collaborate. When working with a team, consider exporting your Camtasia Project in a zip file so other members of the team can contribute to the project even when using a different PC. With Camtasia, you can also create an early demo to show with your members then check if it is appropriate for the topic.

7. Record the screen you need. Close unnecessary windows and apps to keep the desktop uncluttered. Make sure to get high resolution captures using the Camtasia Recorder then insert some animation, highlights, or effects for further emphasis using the Camtasia Editor.

8. Special effects. Use them, but keep it to a minimum. Use these only when needed so the video can be enhanced. With Camtasia Editor, you can cut out the sections where nothing happens then add simple but appealing transitions like Cube rotate or Fade to Black.

9. Edit carefully. From basic to complex editing, you can make your screencast appear more professional. Do not forget to edit the dimensions in Camtasia Editor so the final video can be best seen by users in the different devices that they will use.

10.  Share. This is easy on Camtasia Editor as you will just make the video shareable by hitting on the Produce and Share button. When it is good to go, you can use Camtasia to share via Youtube or Screencast. You can also email, tweet, blog, or post in Facebook depending on your choice.

Screen-globeThese ten tips are just the beginning of how Camtasia can help make the content more understandable. These will showcase what you want to share with them so points are clearly communicated. Be the master of screencasting by familiarizing yourself with these basic points and tips when you use Camtasia.